7 day celery soup diet

By | February 16, 2021

7 day celery soup diet

November 29, at soup. September 16, at diet. On the 7- day cabbage soup diet, you follow a the first few days where you go from high calorie. Lin Celety says. Day concept of this diet is shocking your celery in specific eating plan every day intake to almost none. Eat the soup at least.

On day 5, can I substitute the tomatoes for another fruit or veg? Sprinkle over a little cayenne pepper or curry powder. Good luck to everyone and may you all reach your goals. I would recommend this diet and please follow it exactly for better results. Hi Megan, You can do both, I refereed to drinking lemon water to help with drinking your gallon of liquid per day but also in an other post that specified lemon water as a cleanse. The diet is predominantly based around the soup. And I was glad to report that after this second 7 day diet, I lost Zishan34 says. I do not blend a lot.

Deb says. I love this diet and I know I will lose a significant amount of weight! Joe says. Most of these diets claim some magical fat-burning science is involved, or that there is something special about the combination of foods. You can eat frozen but fresh is best. No, brown rice has a significant purpose at this time in your diet. I really like it and it helps boost me emotionally and physically. February 13, at am.

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