Anti inflammatory diet for rheumatoid arthritis

By | November 22, 2020

anti inflammatory diet for rheumatoid arthritis

Many patients with rheumatoid arthritis RA report symptom relief from certain foods. Earlier research indicates positive effects of food and food components on clinical outcomes in RA, but insufficient evidence exists to provide specific dietary advice. Food components may interact but studies evaluating combined effects are lacking. We aimed to investigate if an anti-inflammatory diet reduces disease activity in patients with RA. In this single-blinded crossover trial, 50 patients with RA were randomly assigned to an intervention diet containing a portfolio of suggested anti-inflammatory foods, or a control diet similar to the general dietary intake in Sweden, for 10 wk. After a 4-mo washout period the participants switched diet. For the remaining meals, they were encouraged to consume the same type of foods as the ones provided during each diet. No significant differences in the components were observed. This trial indicates positive effects of a proposed anti-inflammatory diet on disease activity in patients with RA.

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Diet for inflammatory arthritis anti rheumatoid

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