Best diet for brain health

By | May 18, 2021

best diet for brain health

While you may know certain foods are better for your overall health and wellness, you may not realize just how much that kale salad and lentil soup are doing for you. From boosting your fertility to increasing your resiliency, nutritious foods power not only your body but also your mind. How much exactly? Well, in a promising study, researchers developed eating guidelines — dubbed the MIND diet — highlighting certain types of foods that specifically nourish and protect the brain. In that observational study, some participants were able to slow their rate of cognitive decline by the equivalent of 7. Linge breaks down the 10 main food categories in this brain-boosting diet and dishes on what you can eat for better memory, focus and overall brain health. In comparison, the MIND diet beefs up the amount of leafy greens, calls out whole grains and berries, focuses on fish and poultry and emphasizes the use of olive oil. It also includes some suggestions on foods you should consume less often: red meat, fried and fast foods, pastries, sweets and certain dairy products like cheese, butter and margarine. According to the MIND diet, enjoy at least six servings of leafy greens each week.

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For health brain diet best

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