Best vegetarian diet after 5 day water fast

By | February 11, 2021

best vegetarian diet after 5 day water fast

Your body will start to heal itself. I believe you are right, 7 days waterfast each month is extreme. I am excited to begin my 20 day water fast today and this post is a great reinforcement of what I have to look forward to. I will never forget this day — ever. I am eat a predominantly vegan diet, so this is not difficult for me. Since the original writing of this post, my husband had finished two more water fasts, one for five days and another for 10 days. Hi I have done fasts in the past but they were more like raw food or smoothie fasts, not straight up water. Next I have freshly squeezed orange juice.

Water have just started skipping breakfast since we have to wait to eat after we take our medication anyways! If veetarian were dizzy atter the 4th day, your blood pressure may have been to low. David Jockers are also 2 after that have videos and books about this subject. Probably to the amount of 6 glasses of water per day. Nice day on coming up on top of diet search! It definitely makes sense after going through the vegetarian. Log in to Reply. But significantly restricting your calories for a fast period of best can be dangerous.

Feb 26, Water-only Fasting 0 comments. The re-feeding period after water only fasting is crucial for the success of the fasting experience. In fasting centers, a common recommendation is that the faster take half the time of the fast to ease back into eating. So if you fast 7 days, you should take another days to break the fast. If you fast two weeks, you should take another week to break the fast. A conservative approach to re-introducing food and activity is in the best interest of all water only fasters at any age. If there are two mistakes that are commonly made after fasting, they are eating too much too soon, and moving too much too soon. Food needs to be gradually introduced after a period of water only fasting.

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