Can ketogenic diet cause yeast infection

By | September 10, 2020

can ketogenic diet cause yeast infection

Is this even a thing? At first, I just brushed it off, laughing. And if my vagina was about to give off scents of bacon or organic churned butter, I would like to know! So, I decided to take a deeper dive into this new phenomenon. Most of those specialists are more nuanced, and remind readers that any significant change in the diet may have an impact on the pH of the vagina, which may be perceived as a change of scent. One nutritionist, however, explains that not only can keto change the pH of the vagina, but that pH change can result in bad bacteria growth, irritation, odor and infections. Basically, she was suggesting that keto will give you a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis. I have never encountered such issues. Even a few same-sex partners confirmed that odor was practically unchanged. I also asked Kristie Sullivan, who said.

Constant blood sugar highs and crashes seem to be a risk factor for getting more yeast infections. Blog optional. When to see a doctor. Guide Are you a doctor or do you know a doctor? Our carbohydrate-containing foods get converted to glucose in our body and provide [us] with energy. Martina KetoDiet 8 months ago. For whatever reason, Black women get them more often. Long-term effects of the keto diet may include . So, for example, if you have ever had a yeast infection and treated it with OTC meds only to have it not go away, it may be BV instead.

In any case, any woman who notices a significant change in her vaginal odor or discharge should seek medical attention and get a proper diagnosis. Just as I was about to conclude that it was just a new myth, I received a few private messages from a handful of women who admitted that at some point in their keto journey, they experienced a less than pleasant odor emanating from their vagina, which lasted a few weeks, and went away on its own. A vaginal pH of more than 4. Here are a some suggested tweaks for women: Up your intake of alkaline foods, like most veggies and nuts. Many individuals on low carb keto diets suffer from unpleasant breath, according to Dr. If posting about weight loss, please provide the following information: How long have you been following a ketogenic diet, Stats – height, weight, age, Are you counting calories and macros, Are you taking measurements?

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