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What Is Phimosis?

Millions of men worldwide struggle with tight foreskin that will not retract over the glans without significant discomfort. For some, it will not retract at all. Contrary to assumptions, it’s far from a rare condition and doesn’t typically indicate a serious health issue. Instead, it’s a common and treatable condition known formally as phimosis. In… Read More »

Rob Lowe Looks Eerily Ageless in These Identical Photos, Taken 36 Years Apart

There are plenty of actors who are looking more distinguished and handsome than ever as they get older. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Timothy Olyphant, Idris Elba, Daniel Craig, to name just a handful. But there are far fewer male celebrities who appear to simply not be aging, or if they are, at a significantly slower… Read More »

Transparency by drug companies, scrutiny by journalists, vital in vaccine news

Pfizer’s chairman and CEO proclaimed in a Pfizer company news release: “Today is a great day for science and humanity.” In that PR news release – but only in that format – Pfizer announced early results of “a vaccine efficacy rate above 90%, at 7 days after the second dose.” That’s about all we know… Read More »