Diabetes diet sex drive loss

By | October 18, 2020

diabetes diet sex drive loss

For an oversexed culture that isn’t afraid to push boundaries on TV, in movies, on the radio, and in books and magazines, we’re awfully shy about sex when it comes to our health. In fact, even though people with diabetes are at a higher risk for sexual problems, a study in the journal Diabetes Care found that only about half of all men with diabetes and 19 percent of women with diabetes have broached the topic with a doctor. And, truth is, many doctors don’t feel comfortable prodding patients for details on sexual function. It’s why the newly diagnosed quickly learn about eye, nerve, kidney, and heart damage from uncontrolled diabetes, but hardly ever hear how diabetes affects sexual health. It is important for people to be open and honest with their doctors regarding all health concerns—even problems with sexual function. Problems with sexual performance and satisfaction can signal other health issues. Many men with erectile dysfunction, for instance, later learn that they have diabetes. For people who already have diabetes, sexual problems can indicate nerve damage, blocked arteries, and even out-of-whack hormones. Though there’s a lot yet to learn about sexual dysfunction in people with diabetes, researchers are certain of one thing: Chronic high blood glucose is behind many sexual problems people face, and the first line of action is to improve glucose control. Low libido, or sexual desire, is a real problem, one that affects people with diabetes more than those without.

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