Did you gain weight preop gastric diet

By | April 7, 2021

did you gain weight preop gastric diet

Hang in there anybody who is starting this – the beginning is the worst and the hardest. I am only lbs and I have to do 3 weeks drinking only ensure. With some foods, it’s “see ya later. Exactly, the weight at home on your scale is likely to be different from the weight on the doctor’s scale. Our meals included an okay breakfast but lunch and dinner was delivered such as pizza, fried chicken strips, and other such foods. Shrinking my Liver! I would eat that before I would eat a meal. My Goal – Realistic Goal – lbs. I was told high protein low carbs and given the choice of liquid, or food or told I could do both as long as I kept it high protein, low carb.

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Diet weight you gastric did preop gain

I started my liquid diet May I have 4 Protein Drinks a day broth once or twice a day and Water in between. I lost mental focus the first day and cheated and had a hotdog for dinner but have maintained mental focus since then and have had nothing else. Weighed What gives????? You gained 10lbs in 3 days?

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