Diet changes for gestational diabetes

By | September 11, 2020

diet changes for gestational diabetes

Coronavirus latest. Following our tips will help you to manage your gestational diabetes. These healthy eating tips for women with gestational diabetes are generic. All carbs affect your blood sugar levels, so you need to know which foods contain carbs. Choose the healthier foods that contain carbs and be aware of your portion sizes, which may need changing. We know cutting down sugar can be really hard at the beginning, so small practical swaps are a good starting point. This will help you manage your blood sugar levels and avoid too much weight gain during pregnancy. Talk to your care team about what weight gain is right for you. If you do need to snack when you have gestational diabetes, choose plain or low sugar yogurt, unsalted nuts, seeds, fruit and veg instead of crisps, chips, biscuits and chocolates. The law has changed and manufacturers are no longer allowed to label food as diabetic or suitable for diabetics.

Making changes to your diet will help you manage your glucose levels and your weight, which will reduce the risk of pregnancy complications. You should be referred to a diabetes specialist dietitian who can give you advice about your diet and how to plan healthy meals. Try not to get overwhelmed because making a few simple changes can go a long way. The most important thing is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Your healthcare professional will talk to you about the glycaemic index GI. This is a rating system that shows how quickly carbohydrate foods affect your glucose level. High GI carbohydrates raise your glucose levels quickly, which is not good if you have gestational diabetes.

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What happens if my baby is breech? GDM makes it harder for your body to control your blood glucose and increases your risk for type 2 diabetes and other health conditions later in life. Sugar alcohols may have a laxative effect or cause gas and bloating. Aside from weight and body shape, other alterations in your body chemistry and function take place. It has been an emotional journey but if I can get through this I can get through anything. As a result, these foods may also be best in moderation. Can I trust pregnancy apps? A portion is about g. Without treatment or management, high blood sugar levels may cause problems for a woman and her baby.

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