Does a wfpb diet help with varicose veins

By | May 5, 2021

does a wfpb diet help with varicose veins

The adoption of a diet based on foods rich in fiber, protein, rutin, flavonoids, vitamin C and Vitamin B can help remedy varicose veins or prevent their occurrence. Lack of proteins can produce a weakening of the veins walls which can favor varicose veins. We should restrict animal food with a high content in saturated fat because it can raise cholesterol levels. The main source of proteins should be from legumes, such as soy and nuts. Non vegetarian people can eat poultry and lean meats. In any case, lean meats should be controlled and taken in moderate amounts. Fiber also contributes to wall formation. A good intake of soluble fiber is necessary to maintain veins health and favor blood circulation by means of preventing blood clots and constipation. More information about Diet for constipation.

Foods you eat every day directly impact your circulation. A diet filled with fruit, veggies, lean meats, whole grains and healthy fats will keep your heart in great shape and your arteries free of atherosclerosis plaque build-up. Does diet affect your veins, too? The answer is no. But studies show the following two food medicines can help your veins. Diosmin is a flavonoid, a plant chemical found primarily in citrus fruit like lemons, oranges and key limes. Studies show diosmin combined with hesperidin, another plant chemical found in citrus fruit, helped to heal leg ulcers caused by poor circulation. Researchers believe diosmin works by lowering inflammation and restoring diseased veins back to health.

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Non-dietary factors can play a role in the onset of varicose veins e. Obesity can put excess pressure on the veins of the legs, thus causing the larger leg veins to bulge and the blood to pool there. A plant-based diet may assist with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Chronic constipation, the most common gastrointestinal complaint in the United States, can play a role in causing or worsening varicose veins. Compared to rural African populations eating traditional plant-based diets, Americans have 25 times the rates of varicose veins. When we have to strain for bowel movements, the pressure may push blood flow back into the legs, causing valves in the veins of our legs to fail and resulting in varicose veins.

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