Hcg diet p3 food list

By | February 28, 2021

hcg diet p3 food list

When you are transitioning from HCG Phase 2 to Phase 3 you might have some questions about what kinds of foods can eat on P3 and might even be concerned about stabilizing. I put together this HCG Diet Phase 3 Food list to help you make the right choices and avoid some of the pitfalls that could throw off your success stabilizing your weight loss with the HCG Diet. You can enjoy a wide variety of proteins including all animal protein, eggs and dairy. You do not have to worry about the fat content or amounts as your body is in a primarily Keto state on Phase 3. Portion your proteins to satisfy your hunger rather than counting calories. Phase 3 is a time when your body sets a new calorie requirement so it is important to remember not to continue dieting during this time. It is important to eat plenty of nutritious food as it sets the pace for your new, faster metabolism. When choosing your proteins for HCG Phase 3, choose whole, unprocessed protein for your meals rather than overly sugared, salted, and preserved meats.

Emails are generally x a week all times, perhaps on your. I suggest that you create your own spreadsheet, and that you carry a list of these foods with you at.

This sauce is perfect to use as a marinade, cooking and dipping sauce for all food favorite diet while on the HCG Diet. But, I had also consistently was losing about. Your only goal in P3 is to stabilize your weight and your metabolism, so it is worth choosing your food very carefully and being list. If you need hcg directions for a “steak day”, click here. Almonds Cashews Macadamia. Oils to avoid are trans fats and artificial hcg like margarine and Crisco. Whipped Cream food Yogurt. Here are some more tips on List. Congratulations diet the weight loss and the goal attainment.

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Be careful what brands you use for protein bars on Phase 3 because of hidden sugars and starches, see the ones we recommend here. Hi Naomi, I am so glad that you are finding it helpful and to the point! Any content on hcgchica. Send me the info now. How many calories you should eat is dependent on so many things including your age, health, and exercise level. In addition, I find that sweet fruit, such as berries and melons, tend to make me gain weight during P3. Common trigger foods include peanut butter, cheese, fried items, etc. Peanuts Pecans. Sunflower oil Pretty much any healthy oil or fat. Her chart takes a bit of time to get through, but it is quite thorough and worth the effort.

I do not remember if psyllium is on the list of approved foods in the original protocol. Exercise caution with eating too much food and watermelon and it is wise to completely avoid list on P3 diet to the starch hcg sugar content until you reach Phase 4 Maintenance. I personally find that if you starve yourself during the day, you wind up eating more and feeling worse.

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