Individual cholesterol variation in response to diet

By | March 24, 2021

individual cholesterol variation in response to diet

One regimen used butter only and the other used margarine only. The distribution of individual responses were peaked around the mean response. Body weight is an important modifiable factor that influences response. Cholesterol-lowering diets have been recommended for the population at large to reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease. The projected benefits of dietary modification are substantial and are directly linked to the magnitude of cholesterol level reduction. Although populational responses to diet can be reliably predicted, it is impossible to predict how much cholesterol lowering a given individual will achieve as a result of dietary modification. Individual responses follow a peaked distribution around the mean population response. Theoretically, two thirds of individuals fall within 1 SD of the mean response, with some individuals having little or no cholesterol-lowering response to diet. Predicting who will and will not respond to diet modification would allow the clinician to target aggressive cholesterol-lowering dietary therapy for those patients who are most responsive to diet.

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