Ketogenic diet in epilepsy

By | May 16, 2021

ketogenic diet in epilepsy

We rated the evidence for all outcomes as low to very low certainty. Fasting is the only therapeutic measure against epilepsy recorded in the Hippocratic collection. Efficacy in Adolescents and Adults The efficacy of the MAD is also proven for the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy in adults and adolescents. Two review authors independently applied predefined criteria to extract data and evaluated study quality. We found 13 trials, with participants. Epilepsia 49 42— Baseline weight, height, and the ideal weight for stature and body mass index BMI are needed to calculate the ketogenic ratio, calories, and fluid intake.

Epilepsy is a disorder where recurrent seizures are caused by abnormal electrical discharges from the brain. In most people, seizures can be controlled by one or more antiepileptic medicines. For people who continue to have seizures drug-resistant epilepsy a special diet, a ketogenic diet, may be considered. Ketogenic diets are high in fat and low in carbohydrate. This review looked at the effects of ketogenic diets on seizure control, learning and memory, and behaviour. We also investigated the side effects of the diet and the number of people who withdrew from studies, plus the reasons why. We searched medical databases for clinical trials of adults or children with epilepsy, where a ketogenic diet was compared with other treatments. We found 13 trials, with participants. The trials were between two and 16 months long. Although the rates of seizure freedom reported by most of the studies were fairly modest, in one study over half of the children given a classical ketogenic diet became seizure free.

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