Mosharraf, ex-SP Babul’s father-in-law, wants to keep grandchildren under his care

By | May 13, 2021

He stressed that the children needed to be with their grandparents in the interest of their safety.

Mosharraf said that he was unable to get in touch with his two grandchildren for three years and has no idea about their whereabouts.

Five years after Mitu was killed in a daylight attack, Mosharraf filed a case against Babul after the Police Bureau of Investigation or PBI said it had found evidence linking Babul to the killing.

Mosharraf, a retired police officer himself, travelled from Dhaka to Chattogram’s Panchlaish Police Station for the sole purpose of filing a case against Babul and seven others on Wednesday.

On Thursday, he told, “My grandchildren have lost their mother and now their father is in police custody. How and where are they, are they safe? I want to know.”

Claiming that these children have no one to rely on in Babul’s family, Mosharraf said, “[Babul’s] mother died about a year ago. There is no one to give them a mother’s love.”

“I filed the case demanding justice for the murder of my child. And now the grandchildren need to stay with us for their safety and their future.”

Babul and Mitu’s older child is a 12-year-old boy and the other is an eight-year-old girl.

Mitu was hacked and shot dead when she was accompanying his son on his way to the school bus. The child, only seven during the incident, ended up witnessing the slaughter of his mother.

Mosharraf said that the gruesome memory used to haunt the boy. “…he used to try to stop everyone from going out at 7-7:30 am. It comes to my mind now whenever I go out in the morning.”

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Following Mitu’s murder, Babul took the children, went to Mosharraf’s place and stayed there for nine months, Mosharraf said. The decorated police officer, who worked as deputy commissioner of Chattogram police, then departed his in-laws’ home after taking up a job at a private hospital.

“He [Babul] distanced himself from me after suspicions rose about his involvement in the murder of Mitu. He then took the children and left in March 2017.”

“When his involvement in the murder started to become clearer, he took his children and disappeared from our sight.”

Mosharraf’s attempts to meet up with the children travelling to the quarters of the hospital where Babul began working failed repeatedly.

He said they were allowed into Babul’s home most of the time and since 2018, all sorts of communication with the children were completely cut off.

Mosharraf alleges that Babul had an affair with another woman, a stormy issue that led to the murder of his daughter.

The PBI says that Babul had paid off the killers of his wife Mitu several times, with one of the payments amounting to Tk 300,000.

Babul is currently being interrogated in police custody. – Home