Snake diet weight lifting while fasting

By | April 4, 2021

snake diet weight lifting while fasting

I would fast as long as humanly possible drinking only Snake Juice. I would only refeed if I felt like absolute death. I would continue this routine until I could see some abs. I would see some good abs after about 8 weeks of hardcore fasting putting me at approximately lbs. I would fast 22 hrs per day minimum with a 48 hr fast on rest days. I would use body weight scale feed back to control my food intake. My meals would look something like this: gram steak, 2kg plus of fruit and veggies, and maybe grams super high fat foods. With this high fruit routine I would be dry fasting all day. I just like dry fasting all day and hydrating with fruit. Basically you could stay in this lean anabolic muscle building phase until you decide to get super shredded for the beach!

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