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Fatty liver disease: Six symptoms to spot indicating your condition is irreversible

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a build-up of excessive fat in the liver that can lead to liver damage resembling the damage caused by alcohol abuse, but that occurs in people who do not drink heavily. What are the six symptoms warning the condition has now become irreversible? According to the health body, common symptoms… Read More »

Increase of Certain Fatty Acids Can Help Reduce Migraine Severity

Migraine is among the biggest reasons for disability worldwide. Current treatment options are sometimes inadequate for providing complete relief for sufferers. Research has found that a change in diet provides one more option sufferers are able to use in their attempt to have less headaches and migraines. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, which the body doesn’t produce,… Read More »

Diet to help heal your fatty liver

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a chronic liver disease which is not due to alcohol abuse but rather metabolic syndrome. The condition is reversible, which means that, with the right treatment, the liver can be healed. Without treatment, the condition can progress to steatohepatitis and later on also cirrhosis; conditions that cannot be treated. However,… Read More »

Can a nondiabetic diet cause fatty liver

Evidence Synthesis: Insulin resistance in NAFLD is characterized by reductions in whole-body, hepatic, and adipose tissue insulin sensitivity. Open in new tab Download slide. Fassio, E. Guo, J. The main pathogenic mechanism of NAFLD is IR in the liver and extrahepatic tissues such as adipose tissue and skeletal muscle which act synergistically leading to systemic… Read More »