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Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine Takes Just Seconds, but the Effects Are Both Far Reaching and Profound

Tonia W. Hale By Tonia W. Hale, DNP, MAOM, BSN, RN I don’t often give out advice to thousands of people at a time, but since I care deeply about our community and the wellness of its residents, my message this month is simple: If you haven’t already taken the COVID-19 vaccine, do it as… Read More »

Pcos low carb diet and getting pregnant

Diabetes Metab. Kulak D. Discussion Effective, evidence-based strategies for optimising fertility are essential. Hello Amy! Due to the heterogeneity of study designs, interventions and outcomes, a meta-analysis was not undertaken. There may be some anecdotal evidence for PCOS diets — in other words, stories of how so-and-so got pregnant after starting a particular diet. Send… Read More »