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Is Lurpak Butter Healthy?

Lurpak is one of the leading brands of butter sold in the UK. While more than 800,000 packets are sold each year, butter is traditionally thought of as bad for you, rather than good. But what is the truth about Lurpak butter? Is it healthy? In this article, we investigate this popular brand of butter and… Read More »

Autumn 2021: Boost Your Immunity and Stay Healthy With These Seasonal Fruits

Autumn, the season of change is here. The weather, the temperature, the colours and the taste, everything witnesses a change during this time. The autumnal equinox 2021 falls on September 22, Tuesday. From this day, the days start becoming shorter and the nights longer. This season comes with a variety of seasonal fruits. Every fruit… Read More »

Is Soreen Healthy?

Soreen has been a popular snack since its invention in 1938. Although advertised as being “full of energy”, we know that this doesn’t necessarily mean it is healthy. As a result, we researched whether Soreen malt loaf is bad or good for you. See what we discovered below. Soreen Malt Loaf Ingredients Soreen is a malted loaf made… Read More »