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Woman warns not to try ‘dry scooping’ trend after she suffered heart attack

It seems every day there’s a wacky new challenge or craze gripping users on TikTok. Sometimes they’re harmless, like the recent McDonald’s chilli oil ice cream hack, but other times they go horribly wrong and leave people fighting for their life, as we saw with the ‘tongue piercing’ magnet trend, which left an 11-year-old boy… Read More »

Gundry diet reverse heart disease

Renowned cardiologist, New York Times best-selling author, and medical researcher Dr. Gundry explains how seemingly healthy foods are making us sick due to proteins called lectins. From the vast array of sensitivities to lectins, to their impact on autoimmune disorders, to the foods you need to be aware of, Dr. Gundry discusses his theory on… Read More »

What diet is best for heart disease?

Choose foods does diet affect cholesterol level less sodium and prepare best with little or no salt. You’ll find the highest amounts diet omega-3 fatty acids in cold-water fish, such as salmon, mackerel and herring. Xiet People. Heart Healthy Dinner Plan Sign up now and discover delicious, easy to follow heart recipes. Heart attack Heart… Read More »