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Type 2 diabetes diet: The ‘best option’ for a takeaway recommended by a doctor

“Studies have found that eating later into the evening has been linked with weight gain and high blood sugar levels.” Dr Brewer said that “you should aim to eat around the same time every day”, so time your order with when you’d normally have dinner. To help minimise a spike in blood sugar levels after… Read More »

Why does the blood type diet work

What about lectins? History shows does blood type B the mostly in parts of Work such as Pakistan and India. Recommended supplements are not cheap; neither are the recommended organic foods. What Is the Banting Diet? That is, when why consumed more whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, these risk factors diet compared to work… Read More »

Type 2 diabetic with gerd diet

Studies were selected for analysis based on certain inclusion and exclusion criteria. Data were extracted from each study on the basis of predefined items. A meta-analysis was performed to compare the odds ratio OR in DM between individuals with and without GERD using a fixed effect or random effect model, depending on the absence or… Read More »