What to eat when on a soft diet

By | December 13, 2020

what to eat when on a soft diet

You have been prescribed a soft diet also called gastrointestinal soft diet or bland diet. This reduces the amount of work your digestive tract has to do. It also reduces the chance that your digestive tract will be irritated by the food you eat. A soft diet is prescribed for people with digestive problems. The diet consists of foods that are tender, mildly seasoned, and easy to digest. Also don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Eat in a calm, relaxed atmosphere. How you eat may be as important as what you eat.

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Foods to avoid. Boost your nutrients. There are a few other things and tips to consider for people on a soft food diet, however. Daily MedNews. Like you needed an excuse to eat more avocados. What are the soft food and mechanical soft food diets?

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