Why a liquid diet after gall bladder surgery?

By | July 17, 2020

why a liquid diet after gall bladder surgery?

If you have undergone a cholecystectomy surgical gallbladder removal, you will likely be advised to adjust your eating habits. Without a gallbladder, the bile meant to be stored there will flow freely into the small intestine, increasing the risk of diarrhea while impeding the absorption of important nutrients. There is no standard diet people should follow after a cholecystectomy, but one that is low in fat is suggested. Because bile’s role is to break down fat so that it can be absorbed in the intestine, such a diet allows what little bile is trickling into the intestine to work effectively without overwhelming the bowel with fat it cannot absorb. You can live just fine without a gallbladder. In fact, most people who have a cholecystectomy don’t experience any long-term effects. Those who do develop symptoms after gallbladder removal surgery tend to notice them within the first three years following the surgery. Although there are few ways to accurately predict who will develop symptoms, there are factors that can increase a person’s risk. Research indicates that people prone to diarrhea before surgery are more likely to experience diarrhea better cholecystectomy than those who weren’t.

The diet is very low in calories and protein, and it does not provide adequate amounts of vitamins or minerals. Fat is essential to supporting cell growth, metabolizing nutrients, protecting organs, and synthesizing hormones. Avoid fried foods, high-fat foods, foods with strong odors and gas-causing foods. Its main function is to store, concentrate, and secrete bile, a liquid made by your liver that helps digest fatty foods. You are also allowed sweeteners such as sugar or honey on the clear liquid diet 2. If you’re hospitalized, your medical team will help you transition from a liquid to a solid diet almost immediately after your gallbladder surgery. This is when a low-fat diet would begin.

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