Why are allergy rates spiking? Blame the hand sanitizer

By | August 9, 2021

Farm kids have dramatically lower allergy rates than city kids, and one reason is that rural folk are inhaling more dirt

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After 16 months of sanitizing everything in sight, our hyper-cleanliness may be exasperating a problem that was already surging long before the onset of COVID-19: Allergies and food sensitivities.

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Watch this Everything Should Be Better video (first posted in 2019) or read the transcript below, to find out how allergy rates are utterly soaring across the developed world … and why it’s likely happening due to entirely preventable reasons. 

Here’s a fun fact about the Amish: they don’t really get allergies.
That’s right: While you city dwellers are making a lunch run for dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free vegan kale wraps, most Amish can chow down on whatever. A 2012 study of Amish children in Indiana found that only 7 per cent had some kind of allergy sensitization, compared to 36 per cent of American children as a whole.

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