Why people freak out over plant based diets

By | April 19, 2021

why people freak out over plant based diets

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Vegetarians, vegans, even kosher and halal eaters closed out of pork and cheeseburgers before — we’re not the ones making new fake meats go viral. Some eaters are scarfing down these new fake meats for the possible health benefits of a plant-based diet. But the demand for these fake meats is almost entirely driven by people who chow down on animals too. Fake meat has long been associated with vegetarians, who don’t eat animals, and vegans, who also nix other animal-derived items like dairy, eggs and honey. But rather than tapping into a pent-up demand for these foods among vegetarian, halal and kosher eaters, those groups’ aversions to eating these animals means they’re pretty weirded out by the hyper-realistic fake stuff too. That’s all good with Impossible Foods. The Silicon Valley-based startup wants to eliminate the need for animals in the food supply by That may seem like a long time, but a baby born when Impossible Burger 2. People are flocking to these faux “bleeding” burgers or sham hams. Burger King just had its best quarter of sales growth in four years thanks to the Impossible Whopper, its parent company said in October. Burger King will test an Impossible Croissan’wich with pig-free sausage next.

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